Titlesoft Operating System and Hardware Requirements

The following information will ensure the successful installation, configuration, and operation of Titlesoft software. It’s essential the following baseline Microsoft Windows operating system (O/S) and general hardware requirements are adhered to. Titlesoft will only provide technical support to customers running on supported platforms and environments.

Supported Operating Systems and Hardware:
  • Workstations: MS Windows 7 and above.
  • Server: MS Windows 2003 and above.
  • Any preferred commercial computer hardware.
  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM for Workstations | 8 GB RAM for Servers.
Remotely Hosted Application Environments:
  • Titlesoft’s INTELLAclose software platform has been verified for compliance using MS Terminal Services™, Citrix™, etc. for any organization that desires a remotely hosted software application environment. To ensure adequate performance for user community, hardware, memory, and bandwidth requirements, etc. must be scaled according to the vendor’s specifications for hosting applications.
Word Processor:
  • Microsoft Word 2003 and above for custom closing document integration.
  • Any commercially available laser printer may be used with INTELLAsuite print services.
Local Area Network Operation (LAN):
  • TCP/IP network protocol is required for client/server network operation of software.
  • Ensure appropriate network drivers are installed and configured as supplied from Microsoft or other hardware vendor.
    Note: Wireless networks are not supported due to inherent reliability issues.
Wide Area Network Operation: INTELLAwan™ Licensing
  • Central office must have a static IP address assigned to main server and/or VPN.
  • Central and remote offices require internet access or VPN.
  • INTELLAwan software must be installed on main server platform to facilitate data communications.
INTELLAstore Document Imaging Software Operation:
  • Any high speed/multi-page TWAIN Compatible Scanner is required. Additionally, any scanner that can save
    scanned images in compressed TIFF format to an accessible folder on the network may be utilized.
INTELLAservices Transaction Management Software Operation:
  • INTELLAservices requires a static IP address for main server.