Once you’ve had the opportunity to observe a product demonstration and have received our sales proposal, Titlesoft would be pleased to connect you with clients to speak freely on their experiences partnering with us. Titlesoft has an extremely loyal national install base comprised of various size real estate settlement organizations, which have run our production software solutions for many years and have processed millions of transactions after previously running other commercial closing systems (or selected Titlesoft for their start-up operations).


“I would like to report after completing a very smooth transition to Titlesoft’s INTELLAclose software platform in early 2008, we have realized tremendous production efficiencies. Built upon a solid base, Titlesoft’s suite of integrated software applications addresses immediate production necessities, while still being open to future industry dynamics and enhancements. This in addition to the highly advanced customer-servicing module Titlesoft developed for us at launch. Titlesoft has provided us with a very rich flexible software solution that will be a key to our continued success. Most software companies will tell you that they can deliver new capabilities; in the case of Titlesoft, they simply deliver.”

— TranStar National Title, Inc., Plano, Texas

“My favorite feature of Titlesoft’s INTELLAclose system is its reporting capabilities. The ability to have special fields created specifically for our designated purposes, which we use in turn to track the process or various other fields or values, has greatly improved the ability to determine the status or volume of workflow and has increased our productivity.”

“I am very impressed with the INTELLAsuite production system and how much easier it is to locate files by name, loan number, or even a file number. The templates that we have created make processing easier, because there is no reentry of information. The HUD screens are easy to read and you can locate where the charges go without much effort. On the whole, I think the system has made our processing more productive and the quality of our work has improved.”

— Resort Title, Boca Raton, FL

I was not looking forward to filing my 1099’s this year, but Titlesoft makes it so easy. With the file import feature and outstanding training provided by their support team I was able to finish and upload required data in a short amount of time.”

Thanks Titlesoft. You’re the best!

— Clear Title, Escrow & Settlements, Front Royal, VA