Titlesoft INTELLAclose

INTELLAclose™ is the heart of Titlesoft’s completely integrated national closing and title platform. This is where the front-to-back real estate transaction is formally managed to include all required mission-critical production areas to take-on the most demanding residential or commercial business requirements. Further and most compelling, INTELLAclose is engineered with “Intelligent Workflow”. In essence, once the Closing Disclosure and related documents are prepared, trust accounting is seamlessly zero-balanced behind the scenes and checks are automatically prepared for printing, ensuring maximum processing efficiency and integrity. Bottom line, the highly sophisticated software platform eliminates traditionally discontinuous workflow and manages accounting, check preparation, bank reconciliation, and related areas with unmatched precision to include customizable rules-based logic to implement best practices above other commercial solutions.

INTELLAclose Highlights:

  • Flexible Licensing including Low Entry Cost Software Subscription
  • ALTA & CFPB TILA-RESPA Compliant Closing Disclosures
  • True 4-Way Bank Reconciliation for Unlimited Accounts
  • Dynamic Title Commitment, Endorsement & Policy Generation
  • Extreme Platform Customization (Screens, Fields, etc.)
  • Rules-based Workflow to Define Best Practices
  • Flexible Vendor and Event Management
  • Interfaces/Plays with Underwriter & Other Systems
  • Unlimited Custom Document Integration using MS Word®
  • Service Invoice Accounting
  • Data Rolodex with Flexible Search Capabilities
  • Automated Email Feature
  • Complex Operational & Custom Data Reporting
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation, MICR, Positive Pay and more.

Maximum System and Data Portability

Platform accommodates universal data population, export, and reporting of records to include underwriter and other complimentary systems, including RealEC,® Encompass360,® etc. to best facilitate origination, searches, commitments, remittance, archiving and more.