Titlesoft Software Licensing Model

Titlesoft licenses its software applications, based on the number of production locations and concurrent system users required by licensee. Additionally, Titlesoft’s software applications are marketed nationally under the 5 product configurations outlined below to best satisfy a licensee’s operational requirements.

Option 1: INTELLAclose Suite – INTELLAclose Application
Option 2: INTELLAclose Professional Suite – INTELLAclose & INTELLAservices Applications
Option 3: INTELLAclose Platinum Enterprise Suite – INTELLAclose & INTELLAwan Applications
Option 4: INTELLAclose Titanium Enterprise Suite – INTELLAclose, INTELLAservices, & INTELLAwan Applications
Option 5: Customer Fee Engine – May be licensed with options 1-4 or standalone.

Licensing Notes:
a. Licensing Options 1-2 are available through EXCLUSIVE Software Subscription program, which requires one-time platform start-up fee and monthly usage cost is based on number of concurrent system users.
b. Licensee may upgrade (migrate) software from a lesser to greater  licensing option when software maintenance (or subscription) is current and in good standing, and by paying difference in software licensing cost, and required support services for additional software being implemented.
c. Software products are implemented and managed in turnkey fashion from cloud down to local server hardware only, and platform updates are automated using advanced “Push” technologies from cloud for benefit of licensee.
d. Titlesoft eliminates all traditional 3P technical requirements to include database management system, web-server, etc. dramatically streamlining software implementation cost and complexity.