Software Implementation Requirements

The following information will ensure the successful installation, configuration, and operation of Titlesoft software. It’s essential the following baseline Microsoft Windows operating system, Web/Internet, and general hardware related requirements are adhered to. Titlesoft will only provide technical support to customers running on supported platforms and environments.


Supported Operating Systems, Hardware & Web Access

  • Workstations | Computers: Windows 7+, MAC, UNIX, etc. with Internet access.
  • Server: MS Windows 2003 and above for hosting server application.
  • Minimum of 16-GB RAM for servers.

Installation Notes:

  • Server and general network resources MUST be scaled properly to ensure system performance (ex. RAM, Internet Bandwidth, etc.), based upon user community size, peak loads, file storage, etc.
  • Any computer, mobile and handheld portable device may access INTELLAclose applications through web-browser installed on hardware utilized.
  • Server may be located local or cloud-hosted as desired.
  • Static IP address is required for cloud-hosted and other integrated servicing facilities.

Word Processor: Optional

  • Microsoft Word 2003 and above for custom closing document integration.


  • Any commercially available laser printer.

Local Area Network Operation (LAN):

  • TCP/IP network protocol is required for client/server network operation of software.
  • Ensure appropriate network drivers are installed and configured as supplied from Microsoft or other preferred hardware vendor.

Note: Wireless networks are not recommended for local application access.