Titlesoft Software Training Class Information:

To ensure a rapid and successful transition into the new production system, Titlesoft requires each new customer’s user community be trained on the proper use and navigation of the INTELLAclose platform and related applications as licensed. The only exception to this guidance is a start-up real estate title operation with an experienced Titlesoft user community. In general, Titlesoft’s training class prepares industry professionals with the core knowledge to manage production activities efficiently and with the required integrity at launch.

INTELLAclose User Training Class Description:

This 1-day training class is designed for settlement and title industry closing professionals and primarily provides instruction on the proper use and navigation of the INTELLAclose software application. General production areas covered include; Order Entry, Title Policies and Commitments, Document Generation, Settlement Statement-Closing Disclosure Data Entry, and Trust Accounting. Other areas required to support system ramp-up are taught with select staff at the appropriate time to include bank account reconciliation. Individuals lacking mainstream processing experience in the aforementioned production areas will not benefit fully from the advanced instruction provided and should not be included in the training class.

Classroom Delivery: The vast majority of new customers prefer software training through the convenience of web-based conference sessions. Each training day (7-hours of instruction) is limited to approximately 12-students to maintain balance between instruction provided and time allotted. If preferred, software training is also available at the home office location, or outside training center identified at the prevailing daily rate, plus instructor travel expenses at cost.