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INTELLAclose Application

INTELLAclose™ runs the front-to-back real estate transaction to include all required mission-critical production areas to tackle your most demanding national, regional, or local residential and commercial business requirements. Further and most compelling, INTELLAclose is engineered with “Intelligent Workflow”. In essence, once the Closing Disclosure and related documents are prepared, trust accounting is seamlessly zero-balanced behind the scenes and checks are automatically prepared for printing, ensuring maximum processing efficiency and integrity. The production solution also includes streamlined record archiving, and integrated email and word-processing capabilities to measurably elevate processing integrity.

Bottom line, the highly sophisticated software platform eliminates traditionally discontinuous workflow and manages accounting, check preparation, bank reconciliation, scheduling, 1099 and related processing areas with unmatched precision to include fully customizable rules-based logic for organizations to implement best practices above other commercial solutions. 



  • Pure Web-based Applications (2 Database Options)   
  • Lightning Fast, Superior Reliability and Flexibility for User Community
  • Resource Friendly Software Subscription and Transactional Licensing Options
  • ALTA & CFPB TILA-RESPA Compliant Fully-Interactive Disclosure Forms
  • Highly Customizable Workflow Laws for Best Practices
  • Powerful Accounting for Unlimited Accounts
  • Dynamic Policy Management for any Underwriting Requirements
  • Custom Document Integration using MS Word® or New INTELLA Wordprocessor
  • Streamlined Emailing to include Detailed User Log
  • Flexible Check Printing with MICR Support
  • Vendor and Event Management
  •  Rich Operational Reporting including Custom
  • Detailed Service Invoicing
  • Integration with Popular Banking, Mortgage Origination and Underwriter Systems
  • 1099 Year-end Reporting
  • Plus many other invaluable features.

SQL Version

Standard Version

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