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Fee Engine

Customer Fee Engine is a complimentary, highly valuable application that provides amazing servicing richness and velocity for organizations that wish to raise operational servicing elegance. The Customer Fee Engine provides detailed estimates of settlement costs and fees selectively to clients and business associates by transaction zip code and automatically generates a fully customized quote through the web to dazzle customers and business partners alike. Initially designed for larger national operations and regional players to gain marketing traction through sophisticated brand servicing, the Fee Engine’s now more affordable than ever for smaller aggressive minded companies to implement through their preferred servicing portal.


Fee Engine

  • Completely Customizable Servicing Solution
  • Accessed from Clients Branded Web-domain
  • Unique Portal Access by Customers
  • Unequalled Real-time Customer Servicing Velocity
  • Unlimited Production without Recurring 3rd-party Transaction Costs
  • Dramatically Lower Physical Servicing Overhead and more.

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